Specialist Bird proofing services

post spring and wire


When most people think of pigeons, they think of the birds as harmless creatures. In fact, pigeons can be one of the most harmful pests to attack your home or business. Pigeon faeces, as well as carrying a multitude of diseases, is highly corrosive and can even damage metal, so the damage that these birds cause can be both structural as well as a serious health risk. Business owners especially need to be acutely aware of the threat posed by pigeons. Pigeons will flock towards wherever they can get food and drink. Leftover food, ingredients improperly stored, poor waste management, can all attract the airborne pests to your business.

If you are having problems with any other types of birds we are here to help. If bird nests are causing blockages or being a nuisance we offer both eradication and preventative services with a range of techniques. You need a licence from Natural England if you plan to disturb certain species of birds, seagulls being a good example. King Pest Control offer expert advice on up to date legislation and we offer humane bird trapping and egg or nest removal.

Our team of experienced and qualified experts will be able to find out the reason why pigeons are roosting at your location and treat effectively. King Pest Control use the very latest and humane bird control products and methods to ensure a speedy and effective resolution to your bird-related problems. We will provide bird proofing such as netting, spikes or bird wire together with bio acoustic systems specially designed to mimic the birds distress calls.