Commercial & Industrial

It is now incumbent on all businesses to ensure they have adequate pest control and pest prevention measures in place to maintain a safe working environment and prevent the spread of disease. King Pest Control offers a friendly and discreet service and can advise you to help you comply with the principal legislation surrounding the Health and Safety at Work Act, Food Standards Agency and Food Hygiene Regulations. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) recommend that pest control inspections be undertaken regularly and that documented evidence should be kept on site.

They also recommend using pest control contractors who provide 24 -hour emergency cover. As a King Pest Control client, you are guaranteed help in not only meeting but exceeding the legislative requirements and therefore keeping your customers, employees and auditors happy.

To ensure our Industrial and Commercial customers maintain pest free environments we arrange bespoke service packages to address your specific needs. King Pest Control will undertake a FREE in-depth survey and risk assessment of your premises. The information gathered will allow us to provide a service package to meet all your business needs. You can be confident, in the knowledge that as a professional pest control company we will advise you on all necessary steps to be taken to minimise the risk of infestations – maintaining the health and safety of your staff and customers.

We prepare a professional report for all our commercial customers following each visit and will always leave a copy on site. This is a requirement by Environmental Health Officers and your insurers. This will demonstrate that appropriate measures are in place to prevent and control pests in your workplace.

King Pest Control also work in partnership with many building services contractors including Lift Engineers, Fire alarm installers, Commercial and Environmental Cleaners and General Building Contractors. Working with our partners we take the importance of protecting the Environment and sustainability within our industry very seriously and we will always promote this as a matter of good practice. We are so committed to this that we even have our own environmental policy - from the type of pesticides we use to the type of vehicles we drive.