Terms and conditions

King Pest Control , in the provision of its pest management services, is committed to the development of a safety culture and to the provision of safe and health to our employees, as well as others who may be affected by our activities. We are to provide and maintain conditions to regulatory requirements to establish a manageable adequate result in pest management servicing without the risk to our customer, staff, public, environment and animals.  Development of a safety culture and to the provision of safe and health to our employees, as well as others who may be affected by our activities. We are to provide and maintain conditions to regulatory requirements to establish a manageable adequate result in pest management servicing without the risk to our customer, staff, public, environment and animals.

The customer or signatory of recipient of the service agreement acknowledge he/she has read and fully understands and agrees to the terms and conditions contained within and prior to commencement of the service. If this service agreement is not signed personally by the customer, the signatory or recipient of this service agreement warrants he/she has the customer’s full authority to accept the service offer and terms and conditions on the customers behalf, if the customer is not available at the time of service these terms and conditions as hereof.

Client’s obligation, you must advise of any pets, personal or family/staff allergies or other concerns. Any persons who are particularly sensitive, or who suffer from allergic reactions, should, as a matter of precaution, remain out of the premises for a period of 24 hours and not return until the premises have been fully ventilated. Avoid contact with treated surfaces until the control agent has dried. You must observe any verbal or written advice provided by our firm or our licensed operators at all times. You must ensure your premises are properly ventilated after treatment.

If during the course of the program it is found that structural or environmental conditions prevent us performing any sections of the Management Program then the FREE Service Period or the cost of your investment may have to be reviewed.


Unless specific written arrangements have been provided the full contract / job price shall be due and payable and recoverable by this Firm on commencement of the initial treatment in which we may offer an incentive discount or the full amount on delivery of invoice, Any FREE Service Period shall be null and void and all legal recovery costs will be payable by the client unless all monies due have been received in full within thirty days of receivable of invoice which is our standard terms of business.
Any account not paid within the time specified on the invoice for more than ten (10) days will be liable to meet debt recovery cost’s including and not limited to all legal costs and/or commission and internal accounting charges (recovery fees) and such recovery fees will be added to the account and form part of the principle debt. Acceptance of our goods, services or quotation is automatic acceptance of these terms and conditions.

payment terms are as states on the invoice

Payment of credit cards will occur an additional fee of 2% of the sales value for service/s provided. Any discrepancies with credit card payments the card holder will be liable for all banks and legal/book keeping fees etc.

Guarantees or retreatment 

During the free service period if applicable we will provide at no extra cost to the client retreatment of the pest to a manageable state except where such infestation is likely caused by the actions of the inhabitants or visitors to the property or any other pest infested animals, plants, materials introduced or kept within or nearby the property.

with rodent treatments a 3 year guarantee is put in place providing there is no major structural issues to include missing components of a wall or floor as well as damp



The customer shall ensure we have full access to all areas of the property and if access is restricted or prevented we will be entitled to impose an additional charge.


No responsibility is accepted, or warranty implied, for any damages or consequential Losses that may occur as the result of past, current or future pest activity. Further terms and conditions maybe also be advised on other documentations or any advised verbal recommendations.
The treatment and any warranties only applies to the pest species names on our Documentation and does not provide a pest management solution for pest/s.

While every care will be taken, this firm will not be held liable should staining of timbers, fabrics, wall and coverings, or any other articles occur. Where drilling and or cutting is required; no liability is accepted should damage result to concealed services such as power, gas, water, etc. You indemnify us against any costs that may arise from such possible damages unless Clear and accurate plans have been provided by you before we commence.

You accept that the pest management program can be rendered ineffective if you fail to implement our recommended including hygiene procedures, by making building alterations, or by the introduction of conducive or infested materials.


Any third party acting or relying on the pest management treatment proposal and advise in whole or part does so entirely at their own risk.

We at King Pest Control Services shall not in any circumstances in any dispute be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any nature whatsoever.

The client shall not be entitled to claim against King Pest Control Services in connection with any act, omission or event arising hereunder, unless the claim is made to us in writing within 10 days of the occurrence of the act, omission or event giving to a claim.

We cannot be held liability or responsibility for any services where advised no warranty, limitations or recommendations not carried out on any services. This advice maybe from the time of the initial telephone call, direct communications, documentation.


Cancellations and delays

The client is advised that we require a minimum period of 24 hours cancellation or rescheduling of proposed services or the client will be required to pay a late cancelation fee of £50.oo plus the cost of material if ordered specifically for the job.

Any delays or issues caused by tenants or commercial sites on bird prevention jobs will see each wasted or additional day charged at  £650.00 if this is the case it is to be invoice to the acceptor of the job who can deal with the dispute between themselves and the tenants.


If the job requirements have changed to use less material King pest control will carry out the alteration within the budget previously set unless it has already been outlined it will cost considerably more than the original cost,


In the event that no parking is provided by the customer king pest control reserves the right to add the cost of parking including any fines occurred if no parking is provided the cost shall be added onto the invoice.


Signed on behalf of King Pest Control
Ref KPC 1419/J (26/01/17)